Hard to find Product Specialists

Since our inception back in 2001, the foundation on which our company was built and continues to thrive upon is one special area of focus: We are HARD-TO-FIND TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS!!!
TSS INC. has a dedicated division that is focused on locating and providing computer and technology products that are difficult to locate. Our Hard-To-Find Technology Specialists will search relentlessly for products that are End-of-Life, Discontinued, Constrained, Allocated, Obscure, Unusual, Backordered, Proprietary, Customized, Obsolete, Legacy or just plain Hard-to-Find.  Whether the Part you are looking for has been discontinued last month, or has been Out of Production for 20 Years, Tek Source Solutions, Inc. can meet the challenge by locating the mission critical parts that you need but can’t find elsewhere.


I.Experience Matters
With over 10 years of experience in sourcing and sales of Hard-To-Find Technology Items to Entities across the United States and Internationally, TSS, Inc. has a proven and impressive track record of success in the Arena of Hard-to-Find Parts.  We employ some of the best sourcing talent in the industry - people who understand your requirements and have the knowledge and commitment to find the products you need. Our specialists have been carefully chosen for their particular expertise in sourcing Hard-to-Find technology products across multiple high-tech product categories.

II.We Have the Connections
TEK SOURCE SOLUTIONS, INC. has access to thousands of manufacturers, distributors, brokers, liquidators, and other supply sources Nationally and across the globe that enable us to scour the market and perform an incredibly extensive search for your mission critical Hard-to-Find Parts.  With the help of our State-of-the-Art database of sources and suppliers, we have a very high success rate at locating the most elusive items.

III.We Continue Searching Long After Others Have Given Up
We know how important it is to you and your organization to track down the Hard-to-Find Parts that you desperately need.  That’s why we work tirelessly and relentlessly to hunt down the parts you are looking for.  Even on the MOST DIFFICULT to find items, we don’t give up easily. We are tenacious when it comes to locating hard-to-find or discontinued technology items that other vendors can’t seem to source.

IV.Your Time is Valuable
We understand that the Procurement and Sourcing of Hard-to-Find parts can be incredibly difficult, time consuming, and frustrating!!  You’ve got other commitments, deadlines, and quite frankly, more important things to do with your time.  We can help you avoid wasting hours making multiple phone calls, sending dozens of emails, or searching numerous websites (most of which DO NOT even list up-to-date stock or quantities…).