Industry Lingo

Detailed Below are brief explanations and definitions of some of our many Terms and "Sayings" we use in our industry --- we hope you will find them helpful in answering some of your questions you may have when dealing with our Company!  If you have additional questions that have not been answered below or need further clarification, feel free to Contact us - we'll be happy to help you!


1.) New Factory Sealed- Also known as “New Retail”, this is the best possible condition that a product can come in, but also the most expensive for obvious reasons.  Think of this product as the type of product that you would go buy in a retail store like Frys, CompUSA, Micro Center, or Office Depot, to name a few.  This product is Brand New in the original box and shrink wrap with all the product manuals, software, or accessories that might come with the particular product.  New Factory Sealed products will normally also come with the original Manufacturer Warranty and have the most product support.

2.) New Open Box- This is similar to a New Factory Sealed item (above), in that the product will be new and unused with all the accessories and manuals, but for some reason or another, the product’s Factory “sealed” or shrink wrapped box was opened because maybe it needed to be tested or displayed for some reason.  Think of this unit as a demo product that you would buy in a retail store that you get a small discount on---the product was still new, but it was taken out of the box to demo on a retailers shelf.  New Open Box Product warranties can vary greatly, from a full remaining manufacturer warranty of up to a couple years, down to a simple 30 day warranty, depending on how old the product is and who we actually bought from.

3.) New Bulk Condition- This is the most common type of “New” condition that you will find in our business.  This term basically means that the product is still New and unused, but that it is not in the original “Factory Retail” Box or doesn’t have all the accompanying accessories that a “New Factory Sealed” item would.  Think of this as the difference between an individual “New Retail Factory Sealed” hard drive that you would buy at your local Retail Computer Superstore, as opposed to a lot of say 100 drives that are packed in plain boxes of 20 Pieces each that were going to be put into 100 Dell computers, but instead were never installed and instead sold elsewhere. Once again, the warranty for this type of product can vary greatly, from as little as 30 days, but in some cases a couple years remaining on the manufacturer warranty.

4.) Refurbished Condition- There is a tremendous amount of “grey” area in this term depending upon who you talk to, but generally this term refers to an item that has been used before, but has been taken out of a working environment such as an office of a corporate company, cleaned, tested to insure good working condition, and repackaged in a plain brown box and made ready for “resale”.  A “True Refurbished “ item will actually have had some electronic parts replaced, such as a used Printer that was taken out of a working environment and had internal parts replaced and made ready for resale.  Warranties for Refurbished items will generally carry a 30 day warranty, but can sometimes be longer depending on who and where we bought the item from.

5.) Used Condition- This generally specifies an item that was used before and not refurbished (above).  This type of product is generally taken out of a working environment, cleaned briefly, Tested to assure general working condition, and then packaged in a plain brown box for resale.  Used Items will carry a simple 30 Day warranty.