Motherboard Repair at Component Level

Tek Source Solutions, Inc. services & repairs most brands of laptop & desktop Motherboards down to their component level. There are many symptoms your computer may exhibit if the capacitors or other onboard components are beginning to fail. These are some symptoms:

  1. Your system fails to boot.
  2. Your system becomes unstable or locks up.
  3. You have to boot and then reboot to get the system to P.O.S.T.
  4. Your fans and power lights come on but the system still does not boot.
  5. Your system reboots or shuts off while working on it.

These are just some examples - as with most electronic components, motherboards can exhibit a multitude of different symptoms.

The repair is never too small or too large for Tek Source Solutions, Inc.. Our turn-around time is typically 4 or 5 days for small quantities. We do everything possible to return your motherboard as promptly as we can. The motherboard is tested and burned in overnight to ensure stability & reliability. We also clean your motherboard after repairing it so no foreign materials are left that could short or damage the motherboard.

These are just some of the many brands of Desktop & Laptop motherboards that we are able to repair.

Abit Gigabyte
Acer Hewlett Packard (HP)
Alienware IBM
A-Open Intel
Asus Machspeed
Compaq Mercury
Dell MSI
eMachines Sony
Epox Soyo
Gateway Toshiba